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Perforated materials have many advantages

Perforated materials have many advantages including: Acoustic performance, Weight reduction, Radiation containment, Separation Heat dissipation, Transparency, Anti-Skid, Security, Light, Privacy, Ventilation, Architectural Feature, and Sustainability.

Buildings that use perforated metal sheets in front of their façade can bring energy savings ( heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting). Depending on the location of the building (intensity of the external sun), solar irradiation can be decreased.

Perforated metal needs very limited maintenance and cleaning. This comes with a financial benefit as long with an environment benefit of not using detergents, energy or water for cleaning.

Perforated metal is long lasting and does not need to be replaced for years. This saves on financial costs and comes with a big environmental benefit of not creating a new material sheet and its related C02 costs.

Perforated metal can be used in every location, you just need to choose the right alloy for the stainless steel so that it resists to seaside atmosphere or city car polluted atmosphere.

Perforated metal sheets are light which is very advantageous for the building structure when they are installed on the building. The flexibility in the design provides room for creative architectural ideas.

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